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Backup System 3KVA / 2.4KW 110V

Backup System 3KVA / 2.4KW 110V

SKU: 3Kbackup
3KVA System. 2 Batteries of 12V 200 AH 3KV Inverter and all its connections Includes Installation in a remote place. * (East Panama to West Panama) Recommended Load 480 Watts Recommended Load You can connect a medium or large charging system, consisting of: 1 150 Watts Refrigerator1 250 Watts Freezer 9+ Low consumption bulbs 6 - 9 Watts.All running at the same time will give you an autonomy or backup time of approximately 9 hours once the sun goes down.Supports electric tools during sunlight such as: Drills Flexible Inverter Welding 110V Coffee Makers Water Pumps 110V
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